Why You Need To Take a ‘Money Day’

What is a Money Day

In my previous entry, I wrote about money and why one shouldn’t be owned by it. Money – and related themes – can be sore topics to most of us, and for many reasons. Mostly, it’s because many people aren’t good with handling it.

Now I don’t claim to be such a money whiz. However, I am on a journey of slowly building up my assets to where I eventually want to be. From saving, budgeting, to exploring investment options, it’s never too late to make money work for you, instead of the other way around.  But it can’t happen if you don’t invest on the knowledge first.

And this can all happen if you take time out for a ‘Money Day’.

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The Most Expensive Kind of Paper

I’m not sure precisely when it happened – probably it was during that night at the hotel room I shared with my mother, the day of my graduation spending spree; or perhaps it was after I spent my very first paycheck on that knife set (which we still own – yay me!) – but there came a time when I in fact, became good with money.

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