Pageturner Series 1: All Sunsets are the Same

Blue is not my favorite color.

Yet year in and year out, I find myself looking through the lens of a digital camera and into the vast expanse of an azure horizon, particularly during sundown. Beach travels are rarely complete without the obligatory sunset photo.

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Introducing: The Pageturner Series

Hello and welcome to the New Year!

I know it’s been a while since my last post (about six months? Yikes!).

And that’s why I’m thrilled to announce a new series of ramblings that you guys will (hopefully!) love. As my title suggests, I am a storyteller, and thus, need to defend that title by featuring stories.

And so the Pageturner Series is born.

Whether it’s something that happened to me, or a particularly interesting bit shared by a friend, I’d like this series to be my outlet for sharing tales of any and all topics under the sun.

These will also serve as a writing practice for further literary stuff. So I hope you enjoy them as much as you have enjoyed my other pieces.

As always, feel free to hit me up for commentary.


Looking forward to a new year with you all!

The Batchoy Diplomacy

If anybody wants to know what freelancers (i.e. me) are usually up to, it is this: watching YouTube videos while getting ready for their work bucket at 7am in the morning. Then again, maybe that’s just me.

In between brushing my teeth, washing my face, and mulling over what to have for breakfast, YouTube recommends a gem from Quartz about “Gastrodiplomacy”. What is it exactly? If you’ve noticed numerous cafes or restaurants with foreign cuisine opening up in your neighborhood, that’s it in a nutshell.

But more than simply having Thai or Korean food easily accessible to you now than in previous years, it is a brilliant concept of politics, business, tourism, and soft power. Countries like Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Lebanon, have been promoting their food to wider palates abroad – and reaping economic rewards in the process.

Who hasn’t eaten samgyupsal and not dreamed of visiting Seoul, for instance? Exactly.

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4 Ways to Shop Smart No Matter the Season

When it comes to shopping, we’ve all heard similar advice such as ‘don’t shop hungry, tired, or in a hurry’. This is already common sense. Shopping when you’re hungry for instance, will make you super cranky, and even make you grab all those extra snacks at the checkout. But there are other, more practical tips on how you can save money – while still getting what you want.

Here are my tips on how to shop smart throughout the year:

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Why You Need To Take a ‘Money Day’

What is a Money Day

In my previous entry, I wrote about money and why one shouldn’t be owned by it. Money – and related themes – can be sore topics to most of us, and for many reasons. Mostly, it’s because many people aren’t good with handling it.

Now I don’t claim to be such a money whiz. However, I am on a journey of slowly building up my assets to where I eventually want to be. From saving, budgeting, to exploring investment options, it’s never too late to make money work for you, instead of the other way around.  But it can’t happen if you don’t invest on the knowledge first.

And this can all happen if you take time out for a ‘Money Day’.

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The Most Expensive Kind of Paper

I’m not sure precisely when it happened – probably it was during that night at the hotel room I shared with my mother, the day of my graduation spending spree; or perhaps it was after I spent my very first paycheck on that knife set (which we still own – yay me!) – but there came a time when I in fact, became good with money.

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Baking a Filipino

Between layers of cake and cups of tea, I’m being bothered by something lately.

Food seems to be trendy these days: what with all the restaurants popping out of nowhere and “gourmet” chocolate that claims to make you live ten more years (as if living now isn’t bad enough) – and I just couldn’t help but be swept by the bandwagon.

By my recent discovery that moi, is the original Cake Boss, I’ve started daydreaming of a future Cafe and a dazzling career as a pastry chef. Not bad. But during my afternoon tea (and whenever I watch Masterchef), I can’t help but feel a lump in the pit of my stomach. And no, those aren’t the raisins.

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